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Pet and House Sitting Services

House-sitting in Casper Wyoming and surrounding areas.

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House-sitting can be a lifesaver when you’re leaving town for any length of time. Whether you work remotely, you’re taking a much-needed vacation, or you want to road-trip for a few days, it’s wise to have a pro keep an eye on your house and pets while you’re gone.

A quick 30-minute visit to check the home and bring in the mail is $15 for the first visit, and $10 each additional visit. We can also turn on/off light, adjust thermostats, and water plants and trees.

Pet-sitting in Casper Wyoming and surrounding areas.

Your home is more likely to stay safe, and you won’t have to wrangle your pets into a kennel to travel with you.

A quick 30-minute visit to feed and walk the pet is $15 each day, plus any additional visits you request are $10 per visit. We appreciate detailed instructions with the pets schedule, food and treat schedule, and any medications the pet is taking.

Overnight stays in Casper Wyoming and surrounding areas.

Some people prefer to have the house-sitter stay the night at their house, perhaps to care for an elderly pet or to keep a watchful eye on the home.

Overnight stays cost ranging from $50 to $100, depending on the services provided.

Please note if you are outside of the Casper Wyoming area, a long distance travel charge may be applied. We will discuss this fee prior to booking any services.

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